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Telephone splitter (3 way)

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  • WHY TO USE - Two-line (or more) phone splitters are an alternative to two-line phones. They work by diverting one of the lines to a first single-line phone and the other line to a second single-line phone and ect. With the Splitter you can you several phone lines in your house without loosing the quality of the signal. There are two types of modern British Telecom plugs in common use for connecting telephones, the 431A and 631A. All fit any right-handed "Type 600" telephone socket.
  • CONNECTION – This adapter at one end is consist from 1 Standard British Telecom male type plug. This should be connected straight in to the BT wall socket. Please be aware that in some cases additional filters may be required. At another end there are few BT female type jacks. You should plug your landline phone plugs in there.
  • USED FOR – Ideal for homes and offices, if you use cordless or mobile device and experience power outage. Providing you still have a phone line with a Standard telephone, (not requiring an extra power source) This can be used to keep you connected/in communication, without unplugging your out of service devises.

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